Quilting Prices

Quilt pricing for edge to edge quilting is determined by measuring the length and width of your quilt in inches and multiplying these numbers. ____length x _____width= total square inches If you are not sure what type of quilting you want on your quilt top and will allow me to choose what I believe compliments your pattern and piecing the cost is 0.021 cents per square inch for a low to medium density of quilting.

Quilt measures 60 x 60 inches. 60 x 60=3600 square inches.
3600 x 0.021=$75.60 for the quilting charge

If you prefer to pick your own edge to edge pattern and choose either low or medium density quilting the charge is 0.023 cents per square inch.

For high density quilting edge to edge the charge is 0.027 cents per square inch whether you pick the pattern or I pick the pattern.

If you would like to have your borders quilted separately from the center of the quilt, the charge is 0.033 cents per square inch.

I do offer custom quilting of your top. If you are interested in this option with multiple different borders, individual blocks, or more complex tops such as Mariner’s Star, tops with curved piecing, intricate paper piecing, or scalloped borders please call for pricing. It is helpful for us to discuss options available for these services based on the complexity of the quilting you desire.

Minimum quilting charge is $50.00


I offer both solid and variegated threads and have many colors available to match your top or provide contrast if that is what you prefer. If I don’t have a thread that I feel is the best option, I can order it and have it within a week.

The cost for thread is determined by quilt size and ranges from $6-10 for solid colors and $9-13 for variegated depending on quilt size.

There is an additional charge for changing threads for borders or custom quilting. We can discuss this if you are interested.


I provide a wide variety of batting options or you may provider your own. Batting is priced by the inch. Please call for information on pricing.

Batting that I currently have in stock includes:

  • Bamboo blend (Preferred)
  • Warm and Natural
  • Katahdin Summer Weight 100% cotton
  • Katahdin Autumn Weight 100% cotton
  • Katahdin Winter Weight 100% polyester
  • Legacy 100% wool
  • Tuscany Silk


I do have some wide backing available, the color choice varies based on availability. Pricing varies as well based on type of fabric (batiks are a bit more). You are always welcome to provide your own backing, but please review the page on how to prepare your quilt for quilting to ensure that the backing is large enough to allow for loading onto the machine and quilting.

Miscellaneous Services and Charges

Piecing your fabric for the quilt back, squaring up your quilt top or provided back, trimming threads or ironing if needed is based on a $25 per hour charge based on actual time to complete the task.

Once your quilt is completed, I will be happy to trim down the backing and batting of your quilt at no charge, just indicate you would like this done. Also please indicate if you would like the excess fabric and batting returned to you. If you do not want it returned, it will be donated to be used in stuffing for dog beds at the local humane society.


A deposit of 50% of the estimated cost is due when I receive your quilt. Your quilt will not be returned to you or shipped to you prior to payment in full.