We are a Longarm Quilting Business.

Gail Pravatiner

Riverview Quilting is a longarm quilting business, founded in 2014 by Gail Pravatiner after machine quilting for almost 25 years. Gail is dedicated to making your quilt top into a quality heirloom.

When my daughters were old enough that wearing the clothes that Mom made was no longer an option I asked my husband for a quilting class for our anniversary. I really didn’t know much about quilting and somehow ended up in a hand piecing class. I was so excited the quilt store was less than a mile from home. It took very little time to discover that having a store so close may not be a good thing.

Hand piecing and hand quilting did not end up being something I enjoyed so I went looking for more options and have been machine piecing tops since 1995. About 10 years ago a new quilt store opened and you could rent their longarm. This was the best thing ever! I was able to get the stack of quilt tops quilted and make more. I also started to quilt for a few neighbors and friends and both daughters who quilt as well.

The time came that I had quilted more than a hundred quilts and we decided that it was time for me to start quilting on a machine of my own. While I was learning I pieced many tops and practiced quilting them, the charities that I support have received at least 20 quilts while I was gaining more experience. My goal is to make your quilt top into something you or the person you give the quilt to will treasure for years to come.

Minimal Design

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