Longarm Quilting Service

Welcome! With over 25 years of quilting experience and 10 years of experience in longarm quilting, we will finish your pieced quilt top into an heirloom-quality quilt.


Quilt Preparation

Your top needs to be ironed, have thread ends removed and be squared up. If you are unsure what is meant by squaring up your top, please call me for instructions.

Quilting Prices

Quilt pricing for edge to edge quilting is determined by measuring the length and width of your quilt in inches and multiplying these numbers.


Contact us from the listed details in the website

Shipping Your Quilt

If you are shipping your quilt, please put it in a plastic bag inside the box. I have received multiple boxes that are very wet and this will protect your quilt. 

Our Services

Ultimate Experiences

  • Edge to edge quilting
  • Custom quilting (block and borders separately)
  • Machine quilting T shirt quilts
  • If you do not sew, I will custom make your T shirt quilt, please call for additional information on costs and options.
  • Machine basting if you would like to hand quilt your top
  • Custom quilted Christmas tree skirts using your fabric or mine
years of quilting experience
years of experience in longarm quilting

Why Choose Us

We Are The Leader In Quilting

Whether you have one quilt top on your “to quilt someday” list or you have a whole stack because you like to piece but don’t like to quilt the top, I understand exactly how you feel. You have put a lot of time, effort and money into piecing your top, you want it to be perfect when it is done. You want the quilting to showcase your piecing.

The quilting pattern is more than just a way to hold the quilt layers together. When you look at patterns, you may have no idea which one you want to use or what size you want it to be. This is where I can help you based on the number of quilts I have quilted. It sometimes is easier for me to suggest a few patterns for you to pick from that will best complement your quilt top and piecing. This is also true with thread color choice, the same pattern will look very different depending on if the thread blends in or is used for contrast.

Your quilt will be handled with care and stored carefully while waiting to be loaded on the machine. It will be quilted on my APQS Millenium machine using Intelliquilter as the computer guiding the machine. The capabilities of this combination together are seemingly limitless when it comes to the patterns and sizing to make the quilting as exceptional as you would want for your top.

My goal is for you to look at your completed top and be excited when you see it, every time you see it. There is a real sense of anticipation waiting for your top to be done, you want to see it and you want to be able to use it, or you want to give it to someone special. Once I have your quilt top, I will slot it into my schedule and let you know when you will have it back.

We Are The Leader In Quilting

I am always so excited to get my quilts back when they are done! I have to get home that day and see what they look like and then get the binding on right away so I can see the finished product. The quilting is always beautiful and looks perfect no matter what the design is.

Jill C.

The quilt arrived in perfect condition and it is absolutely beautiful! I really love ribbons & stars and the gold thread ~ the perfect accent! So excited to get working on the binding and label. You did an outstanding job.

Cathy O.

My quilt is beautiful and we have had so many compliments on it. Thanks again for doing such a great job.

Eileen D.